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What to wear to your first dance class...

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

Whether your dancer is a new student or a returning student, we are so excited to welcome everyone back to the studio for the 2023-2024 year! If you haven't registered for classes yet, you can find the link to register on our Class Schedule page.

Classes begin September 11

This time of year is so busy with back to school and back to dance, so we are here to answer your most burning question... what do you wear to your first day of dance?!

At Stage West we value the student's comfort level while also encouraging proper dance attire in order for the teacher to help the student with alignment, movement, and safety. Below are some tips, hints, and suggestions for buying your dance clothes.


  • Leotard or sports bra (any color)

  • Tights

  • Tight fitting shorts

  • Hair pulled back


  • Pink split-sole ballet shoes


  • Black Mary Jane tap shoes for Levels 1- 3

  • Black flex-sole Oxford tap shoe for Levels 4 - 12 (the shoes with laces)


  • Black jazz shoes for Levels 1- 4

  • Half-sole turners for Levels 5 - 12ACRO/TUMBLING

  • Leotard (no tights)

  • Tight fitting shorts

  • No shoes

  • Hair pulled back


  • Leotard

  • Tights

  • Skirt is optional

  • Pink ballet shoes

  • Black Mary Jane tap shoes

  • Hair pulled back


  • Leotard or sports bra

  • Tight fitting shorts

  • No tights

  • CLEAN tennis shoes (shoes that are NOT worn outside and are only for dance)

  • Hair pulled back


  • Leotard or sports bra

  • No tights

  • Tight fitting shorts

  • No shoes

  • Hair pulled back

There are a few things we do not allow in the dance classroom for safety reasons and to keep the focus of our students. These items are:

  • Cell phones. Phones should be kept in the student's dance bag with the volume off. If you need to reach them, please contact Heather. If they need to contact you, Heather will do so.

  • Apple watches or any smart watch. This is a distraction to our students during class. If you need to reach them, please contact Heather. If they need to contact you, Heather will do so.

  • Jewelry. Jewelry can cause distraction or physical harm while dancing.

  • Toys. Younger dancers will often bring stuffed animals or other toys to dance class. These cause distractions and should be left at home or in the dancer's bag.

The most important thing is that dancers feel comfortable and confident at dance class. Clothing is a great way for a dancer to express themselves, but also for their teachers to provide the best possible instruction.

If you are looking to buy new dance clothes, check out TightSpot Dancewear Center, located conveniently around the corner from our studio right on Third St. TightSpot is having a sale on so many items from August 26 to September 23.

If you have any questions, email, call, or text us!

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