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Welcome to STAGE west

Stage West Performing Arts Center is for all dancers.
Stage West inspires dancers to explore their creativity through age appropriate and professional training. We offer a wide variety of classes including, but not limited to ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, hip hop, and tumbling.


Our staff members are highly trained and experienced dancers that empower and believe in every student. Centrally located in downtown Beaver, our enrollment is always open to students who wish to dance recreationally and competitively. 

Work song 3
Wake me up
Wherever you go 7
Who let the dogs out 2
Uninvited 6
Things Change 1
Stand by me 1
Take on me
Natl Pasttime 1
Super fly 4
Sea Cruise 1
Shine a light
Sam My Pants 2
Rich Girl 3
Proud Mary 2
Love Yourself 2
Jump 3
Blame it 5
Jolene 1
How great 1
House of the rising sun 5
A little part 4
Dancing in the sky 6
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